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From day one I have been passionate about building communities and without realizing until now, I have amassed a small collection of communities. A “network” if you will of communities that serve various and specific purposes.

Have a look at this page and see what piques your interest.

Every morning all around the world when we wake up and realize we’ve been granted another day of life, first we are grateful and next we think about our community, probably starting with your immediate household. As you think about our communities beyond your immediate household you get that sense of being connected. That is the feeling I know I crave. It is human nature to want to feel a sense of belonging and for those of you who share the love of learning and exploration, I am connected to you and I am sure I have just the community for you.

You Never Have To Be Alone!

Whether it’s 97 & Up where you can get help with any aspect of your business from improving skills to growing your practice, to one of my communities that accompanies a course which serves as a 24/7/365 interactive study guide, there's plenty to get involved in to expand your knowledge and peer network.

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Nerd's Guide to the Galaxy

What's it All About?

The idea is based on everything I can share based on what I have experience with.

My favorite thing to say is, “you never want my opinions, but if I’ve had the experience, you’re welcome to it.”

Come join me on the journey!

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Join Nerd's Guide to the Galaxy Discord Server


Check out the Nerd's Guide to the Galaxy community on Discord. Hang out with other members, network with friends and colleagues, and enjoy free voice and text chat too


Join The Ultimate Mastermind Group and Online Academy for Accounting Professionals


CPA's, Enrolled Agents, Accountants and Bookkeepers

If you want to benefit from a true accounting mastermind group, then you just found it!

The perfect resource for both rookies and seasoned pros. PLUS you're backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Join Our Community For Q&A and Gain Valuable Insights as it Relates to eCommerce.


Interact directly with other members and get their comments and counsel on all things eCommerce. 

From accounting workflows to the apps that help us execute those workflows effectively, efficiently, and with greater accuracy!



Our Courses That Include Communities

Where you can ask questions related to that course 24/7/365


Bulletproof Bookkeeping® CFO FREE Consultation


Let’s get on a call so I can learn more about your business and share some strategies with you for how you can grow and scale your practice offering services that are much more valuable and interesting than tax and bookkeeping.

I’ll give you the roadmap for how we get the clients from driving blind to laying out the yard sticks for how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

And along the way you will get to go from where you are to where you want to be.